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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

An emergency of any kind can really derail your day. While there’s no way to ensure that you won’t experience any kind of dental emergency, read our blog post where we let you know what to do in case one occurs so you can act fast and save yourself from worse damage.


Why to Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, there’s no time like the present. Summer will be here before you know it, and a bright, white smile is always the perfect summer accessory. To help you decide, read our blog post for a list of five reasons why you should get your teeth professionally whitened.


How Can I Help Manage Dental Anxiety?

Do you struggle with dental fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist or undergoing dental treatments? You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. Dentists understand that they aren’t everyone’s favorite place to be, so they try to do what they can to help manage your anxiety so that you can get the dental care you need! Check out our blog post for a look at how we help manage your dental anxiety!


Use Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year!

The end of the year is always a busy time, balancing work and holiday family plans. Given all the hustle and bustle that can happen during these last two months, it’s easy to forget one important thing: You should use your dental benefits before the end of the year. Read our blog post to find out why it’s important to use your benefits!


What Happens During a Dental Exam?

If you’ve never experienced a dental exam or it has been a while since your last dental visit, you may be wondering what to expect when you come to the dentist’s office for a standard checkup. Read our blog post for a look at what happens during a dental exam.


Welcome to Our Portland Dental Office!

Looking for a family dentist in Portland, OR? Check out Trillium Dental! Dr. Nicholas White offers comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages.

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