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Why to Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

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If you’re considering whitening your teeth, there’s no time like the present. Summer will be here before you know it, and a bright, white smile is always the perfect summer accessory. To help you decide, our team has put together this list of five reasons why you should get your teeth professionally whitened.

1. Boost Your Confidence

Few things provide an instant self-confidence boost like a whiter smile. After professional whitening, your teeth will be several shades brighter – we know you’ll walk out of our office wanting to show off your smile!

2. Take Years Off Your Appearance

Coffee stains, discoloration, and other issues can leave your teeth looking dull and yellow. The cumulative effect of eating and drinking acidic products can make it even easier for teeth to stain. Why not take years off your appearance by getting your teeth professionally whitened? Our patients often comment that they look and feel younger after teeth whitening.

3. Get Better Results More Quickly

Unlike store-bought teeth whitening kits, we use professional grade products to deliver results. This means that you’ll get the results you want in the most efficient way possible. For example, store-bought treatments often require daily use for weeks to lighten your teeth one or two shades. Our in-office whitening treatment can whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades in just one hour.

4. Protect Your Pearly Whites

Before your teeth whitening treatment, our team at Trillium Dental will conduct a thorough dental exam. This ensures that teeth whitening is both safe and effective when it comes to your pearly whites.

5. Avoid Teeth Sensitivity

During teeth-whitening treatments, the bleaching agent breaks down discolorations in your tooth enamel. For some patients, this can result in painful tooth sensitivity. Our team can step in immediately to relieve sensitivity and ensure your comfort throughout the teeth whitening process.

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