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Custom Mouthguards
in Rose City Park, OR

At Trillium Dental, we provide professional-grade sportsguards and mouthguards to protect your smile when you need it the most. By seeking a custom-designed mouthguard that fits perfectly, you can gain more protection for your smile than a boil-and-bite guard can provide. If you need a mouthguard, please call our Rose City Park dentist to schedule your fitting!

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Whether you’re participating in contact sports yourself or you have a little leaguer gearing up for tryouts, we always recommend getting a professional mouthguard. With our thick, shock-proof mouthguards, we can safeguard you or your child’s smile while you’re participating in the things that you love. Our mouthguards create a barrier between your teeth and jaw and any objects that could come into contact with them from sports equipment to elbows. Sportsguards can help prevent dental injury!

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Nightguards for Bruxism

If you’re struggling with nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism), we strongly recommend getting fitted for a nightguard. Our nightguards have durable, resistant bases that protect your teeth throughout the night. If left untreated, bruxism can leave you with damaged teeth and jaw pain over time. It’s important to protect your teeth from harm with nightguards and also seek treatment for grinding to find the root cause of it.


Store-Bought vs. Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

While it may seem like an easy solution to simply grab a mouthguard at your local sporting goods store, we advise going with a professional mouthguard. Because professional mouthguards guarantee a customized fit, they are better able to protect your teeth and jawbones while you’re participating in activities or grinding your teeth. Store-bought guards often fall short and aren’t able to fit as snugly over the teeth as their professional counterparts. The fit makes a huge difference in your level of protection!

Mouthguard FAQs

It’s not always easy to tell if bruxism is occurring unless someone tells you that you are grinding your teeth while asleep. Some signs to watch out for include jaw pain, stiffness, soreness, and jaw clicking or popping. Tooth pain or sensitivity can also occur with nightly teeth grinding. Chronic bruxism can even cause gum recession or loose teeth, which are signs that a dental professional can point out to you during your routine visits. If you’re still not sure if you need a custom nightguard, we recommend contacting our office for a professional evaluation.
Nightguards can cause the teeth to shift and jaw misalignment if they are not fitted properly, which is more common with over-the-counter nightguards that are poor quality and not custom made. Nightguards protect your teeth from damaging each other, so wearing a nightguard should always be beneficial for your teeth. If you receive a custom nightguard from our office and notice tooth pain, gum soreness, or jaw pain on one or both sides, please let our office know right away so we can adjust your mouth guard or create a new one for you.
Custom mouthguards from a dental office are more of an investment than ordering a mouthguard online or finding one in a store. This is because the mouthguard uses precise impressions of your teeth to create a perfect, custom fit. Our team will also have you try the mouthguard on in our office and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it will fit and function properly. Our durable mouthguards can take a lot of pressure and impact before they need to be replaced as well. Many patients believe investing in a custom appliance is well worth it!

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