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Do’s & Don’ts After a Tooth Extraction

woman holds an ice pack to her face after a tooth extraction

Whether you’re getting a wisdom tooth extraction or an extraction for other reasons, we’ve put together a definitive guide to do’s and don’ts for your tooth extraction after care. Let’s take a look at what they are below.

Do: Get Adequate Rest

A tooth extraction may not feel like a major procedure, but it’s still quite a surgery! It’s important to get ample rest and relaxation after your procedure to allow the extraction site to properly heal. It’s best to keep your head in an upright position as much as possible to prevent continuous blood flow and allow a clot to develop.

Do: Allow the Extraction Area to Clot

You will experience bleeding after your tooth extraction, and that is completely normal. You might be finding yourself changing out your gauze for up to an hour after your procedure, but eventually the extraction site will form a clot which will prevent the area from bleeding further. Not allowing a clot to form can increase your chances of developing an infection, so make sure to keep the extraction site clear of food particles or objects (e.g. a straw).

Do: Get Your Fluids

Drinking water helps keep your teeth clean and bacteria free on top of keeping your body hydrated. You should drink plenty of water after your tooth extraction to keep the extraction site clear and prevent infection. Remember to not drink through a straw, though, since the sucking motion can disturb the extraction site.

Do: Address Any Swelling or Pain

You might feel swelling or pain after your tooth extraction, which is typical and can last up to three days. Keep an ice pack handy so you can alleviate any swelling or pain. You can ice your cheek in 10 minute increments to help curb the swelling.

Don’t: Smoke

Smoking is damaging to your health, and can increase your chances of developing a dry socket, which often leads to infection.

Don’t: Drink Carbonated Beverages or Alcohol

Both alcohol and carbonated beverages can damage the clot in your extraction site and cause complications, so avoid drinking them for at least four days after your extraction.

Don’t: Eat Chewy or Hard Foods

It’s best to eat soft, nutritionally dense foods after your extraction to avoid food particles and bacteria from collecting in the extraction site.

Don’t: Disturb the Clot

It might feel strange to be missing a tooth, but you should avoid poking around the extraction site with your tongue or other object as the site heals. If you feel that something is off, call your dentist right away and have them carefully examine the area.

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