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Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

Curly-haired woman leans on her hands while recovering after a tooth extraction in Portland, OR

At Trillium Dental, our main priority is to preserve a patient’s natural teeth whenever possible. We can often utilize endodontics, or root canal therapy, to save a tooth afflicted with severe decay and infection.

However, there are some instances in which removal is the best option for a patient’s oral health. When a tooth extraction is necessary, we do everything we can to make it as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

One of the many ways we help patients is by providing them with a detailed list of aftercare instructions to promote a smooth recovery and minimize discomfort!

Dietary Guidelines & Restrictions

Eat a diet of soft, even-temperature foods for about two weeks following the extraction. The extraction site will be vulnerable and hard, crunchy foods can damage the healing area. Stick to foods like smoothies, applesauce, mashed potatoes, bananas, low-sugar yogurt, and macaroni and cheese.

Straws are forbidden during the healing process! Straws can dislodge the blood clot that protects the extraction site. This leads to dry socket. Dry socket can extend your recovery time and cause severe dental pain.

Pain Management

Tooth extractions are a relatively simple, pain-free procedure. However, some swelling and discomfort are to be expected after a tooth is removed. Talk to our team about safe prescription pain medicine or utilizing over-the-counter pain relievers to ease your discomfort.

Cleaning Instructions

Open wounds in your gum tissue need to be carefully cleaned and cared for to prevent the spread of infection. We will go over your specific cleaning instructions and answer any questions you may have about the frequency and timeline of safe rinsing and brushing.


After a tooth extraction, we advise our patients to take a few days off. Stress can lead to complications in the recovery process. Eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep can help you bounce back fast after a tooth extraction.

Consult with Our Team!

Are you in need of a tooth extraction or have questions about the healing process? Please contact Trillium Dental and our team would be happy to speak with you!

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