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Teeth Whitening Myths vs. Facts

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Have you ever wished that you had whiter, brighter teeth? There is an abundance of recommendations on the internet about how to do it and which products to use. The problem is, not all of this advice is sound. There are plenty of myths swirling around about teeth whitening. In this blog post, we tackle some of the biggest teeth whitening myths and present you with the facts.

Myth: My teeth are yellow only because of what I eat & drink.

It is true that certain foods and drinks contain staining agents that can discolor the outer layer of your teeth. However, this is usually not the sole reason behind yellow teeth.

Some people are naturally born with more yellowish teeth because genetics have resulted in thinner enamel. When a tooth’s enamel is thin, it reveals more of the inner part of the tooth called dentin, which is yellow. In addition to genetics, other factors that can contribute to discolored teeth include bruxism, poor oral hygiene, tobacco usage, and more.

Myth: Natural teeth whitening remedies can achieve professional results.

If you’re interested in natural remedies or you’re simply trying to save money by doing a DIY treatment at home, you might have found some whitening concoctions online that involve ingredients like cooking oil, baking soda, strawberries, lemons, or hydrogen peroxide. But most of these remedies are not approved by dental professionals. At best, they’re ineffective, and at worst, some can even do damage to your teeth.

If you want to safely achieve professional results, you need to go to a dental professional with professional-strength products.

Myth: Teeth whitening only affects how your teeth look.

While teeth whitening definitely improve the esthetics of your smile, we’ve also seen it result in improvements to a patient’s dental health. This is because a whiter smile can give a patient more motivation to maintain daily oral hygiene and a healthy diet, as well as avoid tobacco products, in an effort to preserve their whitening results.

If you’re struggling to maintain good oral health habits, consider improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry! Having a beautiful smile can inspire you to take better care of your teeth and gums.

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