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Restore Your Smile This Year with Dentures

3 different types of dentures to restore your smile, full, partial & implant-supported

Are you missing teeth? You may feel self-conscious about the gaps in your smile and experience difficulty eating, speaking, and keeping your teeth clean. Dentures may be the perfect solution to restore your chewing function, your appearance, and your confidence! This year, Dr. White and our team at Trillium Dental can help you get the smile you want with affordable dentures in Portland, OR.

Types of Dentures

If you’re missing just a few teeth on an arch, partial dentures are a great option. Your remaining teeth support the dentures.

Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. That includes all the top teeth, bottom teeth, or both the top and bottom. Like partial dentures, full dentures are custom-made so they look and feel as natural as possible.

Implant-supported dentures boast the stability of implants without requiring you to replace every missing tooth with an implant. We can place just a few implants and they’ll support your dentures so no dental adhesive is needed. Plus, the implants help prevent deterioration of your jawbone.

How to Clean Dentures

Unless you have dentures fixed onto implants, your dentures will need to be removed at night for cleaning and soaking. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive denture cleanser. Dentures need to soak overnight because if they’re allowed to dry out, they can crack. Why can’t you wear dentures while you sleep? Your gums and mouth need a break!

Do Dentures Hurt?

It’s normal to feel some discomfort or soreness when you’re first adjusting to your new dentures. Just how uncomfortable you are depends on a few factors, like if we had to extract teeth beforehand and whether you’ve had dentures in the past. We do all we can to make sure your dentures are a comfortable fit. It may take a few weeks for your mouth and muscles to adjust to the dentures. But if they still don’t feel right or comfortable after a few weeks, please let us know.

Affordable Dentures in Rose City Park

At Trillium Dental, we want you to have a beautiful and functional smile that you’re proud of! After losing teeth, custom dentures can be an affordable way to regain your confidence and chewing function. If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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